Protect your business with antimicrobial Copper film

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19

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Approximately 80% of all infectious diseases are caused by germs spread via cross-contamination, mainly via hand contact. Doctor Copper works to kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus, whilst killing COVID-19 on surfaces within 10 minutes.

Dr Copper properties

Covid microbe crossed out

Continuously kills COVID

Efficacy as an antimicrobial is scientifically proven

Red shield guarding against covid microb

Ongoing antimicrobial action

Works in moisture, humidity and re-contamination

Green hand touching the globe

Safe to use

Made with 100% recyclable and eco-friendly material

Our Covid19 safe™ film can be cut

to any size for multiple uses

The secret behind Touch Safe™️

Antimicrobial copper alloys are the first metallic touch surface materials registered by the EPA to continuously kill greater than 99.99% of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections (HIAs) and degrade hygiene in hospitals.


Complete your installation with a safety sticker, which will reassure people it’s a Touch Safe™ product.

Protect your business

We offer solutions for all types of businesses to protect ‘high touch points’ from 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Our FDA-approved antimicrobial solutions are highly affordable and flexible to protect virtually anything that requires constant sanitisation, such as touch screens, buttons, doors and counter surfaces.

Become a reseller

Interested in becoming a Dr.Cu authorised retailer? Dr.Cu products been used to protect over 200 million touchpoints to date. Trusted by thousands of companies and households worldwide.

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